Baby Banz Bluetooth Headphones

Banz Safe ‘n’ Sound Bluetooth Mini Muffs


Banz Safe ‘n’ Sound Bluetooth Mini Muffs

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Banz Safe ‘n’ Sound Bluetooth Mini Muffs – dual-purpose headphones for under 2 years!

Colours available – Blue, Pink, Silver

These light, easy-to-wear earmuffs protect from harmful noise and allow a safe connection to your favourite wireless devices.

Your baby can now get the benefit of music, white noise or whatever you’d like them to hear through bluetooth connectivity and their hearing is protected by Banz Mini Muffs’ Class 4 sound-defence grading!

Play your baby sounds via your favourite device, in safety – these earmuffs are sound-limited and cannot exceed 75 decibels. No matter how loud the volume is set, the output will only reach this safe level.

When you’re not using bluetooth, these light and comfy Mini Muffs will save your baby’s hearing in loud situations, just like regular Banz Mini Muffs.

Each set comes complete with a micro USB charging cable, a drawstring carry bag and full instructions.